CTS Inc. up and running

11 Dec 2014

CTS is a new business focused on delivering cancer theranostic products - combining imaging with therapy. The lead platform is a gene-based technology based on cancer cell-specific gene promoters, licenced from Johns Hopkins University, VCU and Columbia University.

Initial funding for the business has been secured from Morningside Venture Investments, which will see the business conduct initial proof of concept clinical trial testing in humans. The focus is on metastatic lung cancer, identifying the extent of tumour cell spread, and proving specific payload gene expression within those diseased cells.

President & CEO, Dr Will West, comments: ‘By combining cancer cell imaging with therapeutic effects, clinicians and patients will be enabled to make clearer cancer care choices. CTS is driving a new generation of gene-based products that are non-viral and systemically delivered, and promise to be highly specific and potent.’

The scientific co-founders of the business are Professor Marty Pomper of Johns Hopkins University and Professor Paul Fisher of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The original proof of concept of the CTS’s technical approach was exemplified in Nature Medicine in November 2011.

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